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✔︎ Are you wondering how to prepare for bringing your baby home? 

✔︎  Do you find yourself searching the internet for hours on end, looking for answers on how to settle, wrap, introduce solids to your baby or toilet train your toddler?

✔︎ Do you want to feel comfortable in guiding your baby through each development stage across their feeding, sleep and awake needs?


Understanding your baby's developmental needs doesn't have to be a guessing game.

Becoming a new parent is full of magical moments, but it can also leave you with many questions. Once you think you have it all covered, you reach a new development stage and you are back searching for answers. Babies change every single day, and that can be challenging for a new parent. 


There is so much information available online that it’s hard to know where to begin, or who you can trust. 

 The Expert Series with Chris Minogue is here to guide you through your baby's developmental needs in one consolidated video series. Get access to Chris' Daily Rhythms and her most sought after tips and techniques, that can easily be applied to your every day. information available online that it’s hard to know where to begin, or who you can trust. 



Chris is Australia's leading Mothercraft Nurse, with more than 35 years experience. She has worked in both public and private hospitals, and has built a substantial private consultancy business.

Over the years Chris has worked with thousands of families around the world, to offer support across all aspects of parenting - from newborn through to the toddler years.

Chris also specialises in twins, surrogacy and travel, and has worked with some of the biggest celebrities and personalities in Australia and around the world to guide them through their early years as a new parent.



"I’m having my first baby in a few months time, so the parenting space is whole new world for me. By taking Chris’ course, I know I will have the confidence I need to care for my baby, and as a result have spent more time focusing on the excitement of welcoming a new little person into my life."

Samantha G

"Chris’ practical tips and advice has been a game changer for my family. So simple, yet so effective - what a relief to have found The Kiindred Expert Series. I will be forever grateful to Chris, and her ability to apply expert techniques to each and every development stage, no matter what challenge you may face."

Carrie B

"My husband was reluctant at first to commit to Chris’ course, however that quickly changed. With first hand experience of her Daily Rhythms and expert advice, he now has no hesitation in saying ‘Chris is worth her weight in gold."

Simone Z

"Chris has spoken about things that we never thought about, or even considered. There are no ifs or buts about Chris, especially when it comes to her expert knowledge of caring for twins - we follow her advice to the letter, and it always works out for us."

Darren & Blythe

"I live an incredibly busy lifestyle, but have always wanted to be a go with the flow mum. By incorporating Chris’ Daily Rhythms into my kids day, I am able to juggle all that is needed for a happy, healthy family. If it wasn’t for Chris, I don’t believe I would have managed to get through launching a business, and having two babies."

Emmy S

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Chris has over 35 years of experience, having worked with 1000's of families from around the world.

She has experience in both public and private hospitals, and has built a substantial private consultancy business.

Chris Minogue's methodology and approach to early parenting is in high demand, and 1000's of families have benefited from Chris’ expert advice across the newborn weeks through to the toddler years.

As many families say, Chris’ practical methods have continued to guide their family well beyond early development.

Due to the success stories she has had working with families, Chris released her first book ‘Bringing Baby Home’, with Pan Macmillan in 2016.

Becoming a new parent is full of magical moments, but it can also be overwhelming. With each exciting development stage, comes another challenge - which can leave you with many questions. 

There is so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to begin, or what to trust.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, Chris Minogue and Kiindred will guide you through simple and practical techniques that have worked with thousands of families before you.

With this series you will build your confidence as a family, and as a result, make your parenting journey a lot easier.


Select from our packages, and gain access to information you'll need at each developmental stage.  
You can also purchase videos individually based on a particular need.

The Complete Series

✔︎   EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the series
✔︎   3 x Key Stages (Newborn, Baby & Toddler)
✔︎   Over 2 Hours of Content
✔︎  Downloadable Expert Guides 
✔︎   Daily Rhythms for each stage
✔︎   Access to Chris via 'Ask Chris' feature
✔︎   7 Day Money Back Guarantee

USD $58.00 | AUD $78.00


0 - 3 MONTHS

A complete guide to the first 3 months. Everything you need to know when bringing your baby home to ensure you feel confident in the early months.

USD $36.00
AUD $49.00



3 - 12 MONTHS

From 3-12 months your baby will experience a lot of firsts. Be guided through each stage from the dreaded sleep regression, through to solids and your newly mobile baby.

USD $26.00
AUD $34.00



1 - 3 YEARS

Navigate the exciting (and sometimes challenging) toddler years with confidence. Find guidance on everything from behaviour, toilet training and transitioning to a 'big bed'.

USD $22.00
AUD $29.00




Learn how best to prepare for your twins - from managing your support network through to what essentials to buy. Find practical tips on how to manage two babies with one set of hands.

USD $29.00
AUD $39.00


We are confident you will find value in our series, but if you disagree - we will provide you with a

*We do ask that you make the effort to complete at least 70% of the series.



Each video or package purchased will also receive these EXTRAS, to help support you on your new parenting journey.


A downloadable guide covering Chris' key tips and checklists, so that you can refer back to it when you need it most. 


Still have an unanswered question? Get the chance to ask Chris Minogue specific questions that relate to your child.


Access to Chris' Daily Rhythms, outlining your baby's feeding, sleep and awake times based on their age. 

What our families have to say

Meet Blythe & Darren

Parents of twin girls, Blythe and Darren heard about Chris through the Multiple Birth Association.

Everything was going really well in the beginning, but things went a little pear shaped with the girls sleeping pattern around the three month mark.

With her golden tips and practical techniques, Chris helped get the twins back on track, and everyone started enjoying the benefits of sound, peaceful sleep.

"There are no ifs or buts about Chris - we follow her advice to the letter and it always works out for us."


Meet Emmy

Chris came into Emmy's family when her first born was 5 months old, to help plan a trip overseas. 

Three years and two kids later, Chris' Daily Rhythms have helped to ensure each day runs smoothly and the kids can benefit from the predictability of routine - without Emmy feeling the stress of being unprepared for the challenges of early development.

"If it wasn’t for Chris, I don’t believe I would have managed to get through launching a business with having two kids."


Meet Simone

Simone is a mum of two girls, born 18 months apart - a slightly overwhelming gap for most parents!

Simone called on Chris before her first daughter was born, and again after the birth of her second child. The consistency of Chris’ support and expert guidance made Simone’s parenting journey one travelled with ease.

Simone still sees the benefits of Chris' work now that her girls have grown up, both for her as a mum, and her family.

"As my husband always says, Chris is worth her weight in gold."


Toddler Diaries

Toddlers excel in many things… being cute at the right time, throwing tantrums in public, asking plenty of questions & negotiating over EVERYTHING. We take a look at the wonderful, and very comical world of Toddlerhood.



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