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"I live an incredibly busy lifestyle, but have always wanted to be a go with the flow mum. By incorporating Chris’ Daily Rhythms into my kids day, I am able to juggle all that is needed for a happy, healthy family. If it wasn’t for Chris, I don’t believe I would have managed to get through launching a business, and having two babies."


"I’m having my first baby in a few months time, so the parenting space is whole new world for me. By taking Chris’ course, I know I will have the confidence I need to care for my baby, and as a result have spent more time focusing on the excitement of welcoming a new little person into my life."


"I was reluctant at first to commit to Chris’ course, however that quickly changed. With first hand experience of her Daily Rhythms and expert advice, I now have no hesitation in saying ‘Chris is worth her weight in gold."


"Chris has spoken about things that we never thought about, or even considered. There are no ifs or buts about Chris, especially when it comes to her expert knowledge of caring for twins - we follow her advice to the letter, and it always works out for us."

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